Cat Wall Clock Best Sellers, What Customers Say, and Interesting Cat Facts!
Popular Cat Wall Clocks with high customer ratings!  Here are some wonderful choices to look at and are a perfect gift for cat lovers. We looked at quality and consumer reviews, the reputation of the companies offering them and durability, and of course, sale pricing!.  You will also find some unusual Cat Facts, that you may not know.
Kitchen Capers Art Decorative Cat Wall Clock

It is not surprising that cat clocks are so popular. Cats have been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. Dog owners will be surprised at that!

This adorable kitty cat wall clock is the perfect gift for your favorite cat lover (or yourself). The Clock Face boasts a delightful image of six playful cats getting into kitchen mischief, and a swinging pendulum - cleverly shaped like a wooden spoon and boasting a sculptural kitten dangling from the end - moves as time ticks by! It is expertly handcrafted with a custom-crafted wooden frame accented with a golden band, a covered face, accurate quartz movement and graceful golden hands

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This pendulum black cat wall clock gets rave reviews. Here are just some of the comments about this clock. “Actually a Good size, can easily see the numbers etc. I Bought for My Home Office. Its really a Nice Clock for the price! AND CUTE CUTE CUTE. Has that "Old World Look " to it. I Love it”  “Bought this for a friends birthday. Everyone who sees it, loves it; especially her!!”  There have been superstitions about cats. An example would be the belief that a black cat "crossing your path" leads to bad luck, which is as silly as walking under a ladder is bad luck. However, there are even more cultures that consider black cats good fortune. The Egyptians built huge statues of black cats, and they were very smart people.   Black is still one of the most popular colors for cats.

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The Kit Kat clock has been popular for many years. This is typical of customer comments: “This is a wonderful product, and great for all ages. My husband bought it for me for Valentines day after I told him I had wanted one since I was a child. It was a reproduction, but it still works wonderfully. I've had no problems with mine at all!  Usually used as a kitchen wall clocks, the Kit Kat clock can be used pretty much anywhere.  Cats are part of  a rapidly evolving family of mammals that share a common ancestor only 10–15 million years ago, and include, in addition to the domestic cat, lions, tigers, cougars, and many others.  So there are cat lovers world wide and have been for millions of years.

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Felix the Cat Pendulum Black Hanging Wall Clock

A Felix Cat Clock is one of the most popular designs. “Reminds me of the 60’s” is one customer comment. “My family and I love this clock. It makes a great kitchen clock better then the plain kit kat clock. this one has a lot more personality.”  You can find many more enthusiastic comments when you click through for pricing. Another myth about cats is they have nine lives. The myth is attributed to the natural suppleness and swiftness cats exhibit to escape life-threatening situations. Also lending credence to this myth is that falling cats often land on their feet because of an inbuilt automatic twisting reaction and are able to twist their bodies around to land feet first, though they can still be injured or killed by a high fall. So keep kitty away from open windows!

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More Really Interesting Facts About Cats
How they stay away from Sweet Stuff – Maybe We Could Package This Up!!
An interesting example of a mutation that is shared among all felines, including the big cats, is a mutant chemosensor in their taste buds that prevents them from tasting sweetness, which may explain their indifference to fruits, berries, and other sugary foods.

Cats Are Great To Relieve Stress and Maybe Lower Blood Pressure

Interactions with cats may improve health and reduce physical responses to stress: for example the presence of cats may moderate increased blood pressure. Cat ownership may also improve psychological health by providing emotional support and dispelling feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Their ability to provide companionship and friendship are common reasons given for owning a cat.

Cats are meat eaters and need protein. Experts are saying to make sure all your cat food ingredients start off with a specific meat product, such as beef, chicken etc.
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